Audio Update – Casting Sound Effects

Recently, I’ve been working on the audio in Intergalactic Fishing. I’m pleased with how it is coming along and I feel it is really starting to bring everything together. I decided to try to make some of my own sound effects and I’ve been working on the sound of casting out your lure. I got a microphone and one of my fishing rods and started recording myself swinging the rod. It sounded okay, but it wasn’t quite right. I realized that part of the noise of casting comes from the fishing line moving through the air, so I strung some line onto the rod and tried again. It sounded much better. I recorded several different versions, for some I swung hard to simulate a far cast and for others I swung lightly to simulate a short cast. When I put the sound effects in game, it made casting look and feel pretty good, in my opinion. Have a look in the short video below for a demonstration.

As you can see hear, I also have a winding in sound effect and a splash sound effect. I would like to add a drag sound effect for when you are winding in and the fish is large enough to set off your drag and pull your line out. There’s also a few more sound effects that I would like to add and some that I have in, but just need to hook up, but overall, audio is coming along nicely. Now, back to work!

New Game Intro

Just wanted to do a quick post to show off the new intro to Intergalactic Fishing that I’ve been working on. I got some feedback that the old intro kind of hits you with a wall of text right off the bat and I tend to agree. The introduction is in place to set up the main quest and give the player some reference as to who they play in the game and what is going on in the “game universe”. The old intro was just an introductory paragraph that explained all this, set over a stationary background of the initial lake the player starts in.

Old Intro

In order to make it more engaging and less “wall of text”, I decided to introduce the information in smaller pieces while roughly illustrating what the text says with zooming and panning across the lake as well as showing character portraits. You can see the new intro below.

It’s still a work in progress, but I like the direction it is headed. After the intro, you will head directly to the ULT License Test, which is essentially a tutorial that explains the basics of how to play and also provides some further information about the main quest and the game universe.