Audio Update – Casting Sound Effects

Recently, I’ve been working on the audio in Intergalactic Fishing. I’m pleased with how it is coming along and I feel it is really starting to bring everything together. I decided to try to make some of my own sound effects and I’ve been working on the sound of casting out your lure. I got a microphone and one of my fishing rods and started recording myself swinging the rod. It sounded okay, but it wasn’t quite right. I realized that part of the noise of casting comes from the fishing line moving through the air, so I strung some line onto the rod and tried again. It sounded much better. I recorded several different versions, for some I swung hard to simulate a far cast and for others I swung lightly to simulate a short cast. When I put the sound effects in game, it made casting look and feel pretty good, in my opinion. Have a look in the short video below for a demonstration.

As you can see hear, I also have a winding in sound effect and a splash sound effect. I would like to add a drag sound effect for when you are winding in and the fish is large enough to set off your drag and pull your line out. There’s also a few more sound effects that I would like to add and some that I have in, but just need to hook up, but overall, audio is coming along nicely. Now, back to work!