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Audio Update – Casting Sound Effects

Recently, I’ve been working on the audio in Intergalactic Fishing. I’m pleased with how it is coming along and I feel it is really starting to bring everything together. I decided to try to make some of my own sound effects and I’ve been working on the sound of casting out your lure. I got a microphone and one of my fishing rods and started recording myself swinging the rod. It sounded okay, but it wasn’t quite right. I realized that part of the noise of casting comes from the fishing line moving through the air, so I strung some line onto the rod and tried again. It sounded much better. I recorded several different versions, for some I swung hard to simulate a far cast and for others I swung lightly to simulate a short cast. When I put the sound effects in game, it made casting look and feel pretty good, in my opinion. Have a look in the short video below for a demonstration.

As you can see hear, I also have a winding in sound effect and a splash sound effect. I would like to add a drag sound effect for when you are winding in and the fish is large enough to set off your drag and pull your line out. There’s also a few more sound effects that I would like to add and some that I have in, but just need to hook up, but overall, audio is coming along nicely. Now, back to work!

New Game Intro

Just wanted to do a quick post to show off the new intro to Intergalactic Fishing that I’ve been working on. I got some feedback that the old intro kind of hits you with a wall of text right off the bat and I tend to agree. The introduction is in place to set up the main quest and give the player some reference as to who they play in the game and what is going on in the “game universe”. The old intro was just an introductory paragraph that explained all this, set over a stationary background of the initial lake the player starts in.

Old Intro

In order to make it more engaging and less “wall of text”, I decided to introduce the information in smaller pieces while roughly illustrating what the text says with zooming and panning across the lake as well as showing character portraits. You can see the new intro below.

It’s still a work in progress, but I like the direction it is headed. After the intro, you will head directly to the ULT License Test, which is essentially a tutorial that explains the basics of how to play and also provides some further information about the main quest and the game universe.

About Intergalactic Fishing

Hello, welcome to the Intergalactic Fishing devblog. I’m Ben, a solo independent game developer working on Intergalactic Fishing. I wanted to start by giving some basic information about the game and explain what it is all about.

Intergalactic Fishing is a fishing RPG coming to Steam. You play as an angler tasked with solving the mystery of what is causing the fish to die in your local lake. You can travel all over the universe with your Buoyant Object for Above-Water Travel (or BOAT) equipped with a Universal Lake Teleporter device. The game utilizes randomly generated content and graphics so you can explore numerous varied lakes with many different species of fish. Each lake will be unique and the challenge will be learning about the lake and the fish species in it in order to catch fish and complete objectives. Each fish in the lake is individually simulated. Fish behave differently based on their species, size, habits, lure preferences, time of day, their surroundings, etc. You can gain info about a fish species’ behavior by catching and dissecting fish of that species or sometimes you will meet another angler who can give you some info.

You will start your journey with the ULT License Test, this is essentially a short tutorial that explains the basics of the game as well as a little backstory. After you have completed the license test, you are free to go to any of the 65 lakes in the Universal Lake Teleportation Network (or ULT Network). These lakes are populated and you will likely find other anglers, docks, shops, fish markets, etc. Lake records are maintained for each species in each of these lakes, so if you are able to catch a particularly large fish, you might set a lake record. A little bit later in the game, you will be able to go out and explore Unknown lakes. These lakes have never been visited before and nothing is known about them.

Some of the things you can do in the game include:

Fish Contracts – There is a Fish Contract system where people can request a certain sized fish from one of the ULT Network lakes. As an angler, you can choose to accept one of these contracts and go to that lake and catch the required fish of a certain size and turn it in for a reward.

Tournaments – Fishing tournaments start regularly at certain ULT Network lakes. You can compete against other NPC anglers to try to catch the most fish in a certain lake and/or of a certain species within a certain amount of time. A live leaderboard will keep you updated about how you are doing and at the end of the tournament you will earn credits based on how you place.

Exploration – Early in the main quest, you will gain the ability to travel to Unknown lakes all over the universe. With a special module for your BOAT, you can scan the lake to discover information about it and also try to catch as many fish species as you can to learn about them. You can then sell this lake and fish species data to a group that is collecting and creating a database of this data. The more complete your data is, the more it will be worth. Lakes with rare features such as strange anomalies, unique water properties, or gravitational extremes will be worth more as well.

Quests – The main quest will drive the story as well as introduce you to the different things you can do in the game. After getting introduced to the previously mentioned Exploration Data system early in the main quest, you should have all the tools you need to experience all the game’s content. You are free to strike off on your own and explore what the game has to offer or follow the main quest for a more guided experience. Also, from time to time when you are out fishing, you might come across someone who needs your help and has a side quest for you.

Build Lures – Each fish species has a set of lure preferences across four different axes: Dull – Shiny, Quiet – Loud, Small – Large, Dark – Bright. So, for example, if the species prefers shiny lures, they will be much less likely to bite a lure that is dull. As you learn more info about certain species, you may want to design your own lure to target a specific species. This is done by placing “lure parts” in different configurations and applying “lure mods” to achieve a lure with your desired stats and behavior.

Upgrade Gear – As you complete quests, win tournaments, sell exploration data, turn in fish contracts, sell big fish, etc., you will earn credits that you can use to upgrade your gear. You could get a better BOAT. You could get a more sensitive rod that will help you detect bites more easily or a very strong rod that will help you bring in huge fish. You could also add modules to your BOAT. Modules improve your BOAT in some way (such as making it move faster or adding livewell slots to store more fish) or add some functionality to your BOAT (such as giving it short-range teleport capabilities or adding an auto-dissector that automatically dissects fish that meet certain requirements).

As you do all of these activities and more, the game keeps track of pretty much everything you do so you can see your career stats and achievements. I think it’s fun to know just how many fish you’ve caught in your career or how many different lakes you’ve visited, etc.

This is not everything the game will have to offer, but it is a good overview of the main parts. I will try to post here from time to time with new info, updates, and interesting stories and demonstrations as I continue developing the game, for anyone who is interested.

Thanks for reading!
– Ben