Version 1.4 – Gamepad support, QoL improvements, and bug fixes

With version 1.4, Intergalactic Fishing adds gamepad support! The game should be fully playable with just a compatible gamepad and you should also be able to seamlessly switch between using a gamepad and mouse/keyboard if you would like.

The update also adds a couple new modules and several quality-of-life improvements. The Ecosystem Analyzer module analyzes the local ecosystem to make predictions about the number of fish species living in the lake. There is also a new high-end Exploration Terminal module that includes the functionality of the Ecosystem Analyzer module. The Full Grown Size of a species is now reported as an exact weight rather than a weight class (like Huge, Big, etc.). These changes should make exploring and hunting for big fish a bit more intuitive.

Improvements have been made to the tutorial and help screens and more tooltips and alert messages have been added to help explain the game’s mechanics and controls a little better. And finally, the update includes many bug fixes and other improvements. You can see the full list of patch notes below.

P.S. In this update, a lot of under-the-hood changes were required to bring in gamepad support and other improvements, so if you run into any bugs (either while using gamepad or mouse/keyboard), please post them in the Steam Forums or let me know on Discord.

I hope you enjoy and good luck out on the lakes!


Full Patch Notes Here