Intergalactic Fishing v1.2 is OUT NOW

Hello Anglers! I hope the lakes of the universe are treating you well and that Gambling Gary hasn’t taken all of your money. I’m happy to announce that Intergalactic Fishing version 1.2 is out now!

Intergalactic Fishing Society

This update adds a new endgame progression system that becomes available after finishing the main quest called the Intergalactic Fishing Society. The IFS keeps track of your fishing accomplishments and you gain fame for doing certain things which allows you to level up and receive rewards. The system is broken into three different sections: Career Goals, Challenges, and Bonus Tasks.

The Career Goals section keeps track of career milestones and awards fame when you reach one of these milestones. Career Goals provide you with long-term goals that you can shoot for in various areas of gameplay.

The Challenges section provides a list of challenging feats that will test your mastery of different game mechanics and your fishing skills. Each challenge can be done once and gives fame when completed.

The Bonus Task section provides a way to gain fame on a regular and repeatable basis. You will be assigned a task and upon completing that task, you will gain some fame and be assigned a new task. Bonus Tasks provide you with varied, short-term goals so if you aren’t sure what to do, you can always work on your Bonus Task.

The goal of this system is to provide the player with something to work towards after completing the main quest. Ultimately, Intergalactic Fishing is a sandbox game and you are free to spend your time doing whatever you enjoy. Feel free to focus on your IFS objectives as much or as little as you’d like as you continue to play. You will still make progress in the Career Goals section just by playing and you will always have a Bonus Task to shoot for if you want some guidance on what to do. And, of course, if you are up for a challenge, you can pick something out from the Challenges section and go for it!

Fish Contract Revamp

Version 1.2 also revamps the Fish Contract system by adding new contract types that will take you to Unknown Lakes. With these new contract types, there is a wider range of difficulty and the contract payment is now based on that difficulty. The Fish Contract UIs have also been improved to look better and to provide more relevant information.

New Gear

Version 1.2 also adds a several new pieces of gear and reworks some existing gear. New additions include 6 new BOATs, 4 new Rods, and 5 new Modules, so get out there and discover some new items!

I also wanted to mention that I have been reading all suggestions, both on the Steam forums and on Discord, and I have several quality of life updates and other improvements that I will be working on now that 1.2 is out.

Full Patch Notes can be found here

Have fun and I hope you enjoy the new content!