Progress Update and Exporting Fish

Hello, I wanted to post a quick update about some of the things I’ve been working on recently. It’s been a little quiet on the “marketing” front as I’ve kind of had my head down working towards a release candidate of Intergalactic Fishing. Progress is coming along nicely and I’ve been able to finish several parts of the game and polish up some systems into release-ready states.

Some of the things I’ve been working on include:

  • Added several new and interesting things to WorldGen as well as added some new rare anomalies to discover
  • Improved some of the procedurally generated graphics and added more variety to both lake and fish graphics
  • Reworked the save game system completely and added support for multiple saves and made it easier to switch between saves and improved Steam Cloud support
  • Expanded the Settings system and added more customization options as well as improved support for very high resolution displays
  • Added the ability for you to name fish species that you discover once you learn all there is to learn about the species. Also, you can name lakes that you discover after you collect enough exploration data from that lake.

This is only a portion of what I have been working on and I still have several more things to finish, but my master list has slowly been decreasing in size.

I also wanted to talk about a new feature that I added that I think is pretty fun. You can now export fish that you catch in-game and show them off to your friends. When you export a fish, it creates an image file that shows the fish and its info which can be posted on forums, Discord, Twitter, or wherever. The fish isn’t consumed in-game when you use this feature, it is just a way to share the big or interesting fish that you catch.

I caught this fish in a lake I was exploring

As part of this, I wanted to mention that there is no “hard cap” on the size that a fish can be. During WorldGen, when a fish of a certain species is generated, random numbers are used to determine its weight such that larger and larger fish get increasingly rare. So, if your friend catches a big fish and is bragging about it, don’t worry. With over a billion lakes worth of fish to discover, you will be able to find a bigger one if you learn how to search for them and keep trying. As a wise man once said, “There’s always a bigger fish”.